Beating of a man caught on video in Aktau: October 10, 2021, 05:22

The beating of a man near a karaoke club was caught on video in Aktau. The police intervened in the situation, reports with reference to Lada.

The incident took place on the night of October 9, next to a karaoke club in the 7th microdistrict. The beating of a man got into the lenses of the surveillance camera. The footage of the video captures how several young people surrounded the lying man, and one of them is jumping on him.

The police said that the call was not received, but the operator of the operational control center, who saw the situation on the surveillance cameras, sent the nearest police crew to this address.

The police officers who arrived at the scene found out that all the participants in the incident knew each other. They did not make any complaints, claims or statements to each other.

Earlier, the beating of men with a shovel was filmed on the roadway in Aktau.

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