Be careful not to neglect the triglyceride values ​​especially when we eat these unsuspected greedy fruits

Regulating the food on the table is not a matter exclusively linked to the physical aspect. Certain good eating habits would help our bodies stay healthy. Exaggerating in quantities and in the intake of fat or alcohol, for example, could be counterproductive and put our health at risk.

Specifically, anything we eat that is particularly fat and contains sugars could compromise our weight but also triglyceride levels. In fact, by doing simple blood tests it is possible to know our fat content.

Usually the ones that reveal i are done at the same time total cholesterol levels, LDL, HDL. Our body transforms fats and sugars into triglycerides, as an energy reserve, but if we overdo it with some foods, the values ​​could skyrocket. The risk could relate to the appearance of cardiovascular diseases, such as heart attack or stroke.

Be careful not to neglect the triglyceride values ​​especially when we eat these unsuspected greedy fruits

If we are in good health, our blood levels should be between 50 and 150 mg / dl. If we exceed this threshold or even the values ​​have doubled, we should not ignore it, but do more specific checks and rely on the care of a doctor.

At lunch or dinner, we often don’t realize that certain foods could negatively contribute to triglyceride values. Anyone who would like to reduce the amount of fat in the blood should know that there are also fruits that are less suitable for lowering levels, which we often ignore because they are tasty.

So be careful not to neglect the triglyceride values ​​especially when we eat these unsuspected greedy fruits, which may not help reduce blood fats.

We are talking about persimmons, although good and rich in beneficial properties, they are rich in fructose. Also tangerines to keep under control, if we have high triglycerides, along with exotic fruits, such as bananas and pineapples, and dried or dried fruit. According to Veronesi Foundation, in particular cases, we should take fruit up to 2 times a day, limiting the quantity of that listed above.


When we have carried out the analyzes, our doctor will indicate the possible appropriate therapy, in case of high values. In general, the lifestyle could help, in minor cases, to normalize the levels.

Maintaining your ideal weight, both at the table and while practicing physical activity, is also important in order not to risk cases of overweight or obesity. We limit the intake of foods that are too fatty and heavy, we choose healthy foods that know how to give us the right energy, also with regard to beverages and drinks.

(The information in this article is for information purposes only and does not in any way substitute for medical advice and / or the opinion of a specialist. Furthermore, it does not constitute an element for formulating a diagnosis or for prescribing a treatment. For this reason it is recommended, in any case, to always seek the opinion of a doctor or a specialist and to read the warnings given. WHO”)


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