BBQ opens its second restaurant in Hawaii within a year

Genesis BBQ Group, the largest chicken franchise, opened its second store, ‘BBQ Aiea Branch’ in Hawaii, USA.

It has been a year since the first store in Hawaii, Kuono Mall, opened in November last year.

According to BBQ on the 25th, the Aiea branch in Hawaii was prepared on a scale of 119㎡ (36 pyeong) in the Aiea area of ​​Honolulu.

The store generated an average daily sales of about $4,000 for two weeks after the temporary opening. The most popular menu among locals is the BBQ signature menu, golden olive chicken, and original seasoned chicken and honey garlic are also popular.

BBQ plans to open stores sequentially in major commercial districts and expand local stores, considering that the number of travelers visiting Hawaii will increase again after the corona pandemic.

BBQ is currently operating a total of 150 stores in 20 states.

In particular, as BSK (BBQSmartKitchen), a BBQ delivery and packaging specialty store, has recently gained popularity, more than 500 stores are preparing to open.

A BBQ official said, “Thanks to the popularity of the Kuo No Mall branch in Kahala, Hawaii’s first store, we opened a second store in Aiea, where there is a lot of floating population.” It will establish itself as a brand,” he said.

Meanwhile, BBQ ranked second, up three notches from the 25th fastest-growing food service brand in the U.S. announced by Nation’s Restaurant News, a global food service magazine, last June. BBQ was the only Korean franchise to be named overseas.



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