‘Battle against cancer’ Choi Seong-bong “I want to sing until I stop breathing” (Immortal Song)

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Singer Seongbong Choi, who is battling cancer, will appear in ‘Immortal Song’ for the first time.

Choi Seong-bong, an icon of hope, will appear on KBS 2TV’s ‘Immortal Song’, which will be broadcast on the 11th, and will present a moving stage.

Choi Seong-bong nurtured his dream of becoming a singer even from a difficult life from a young age, and won the runner-up in ‘Korea’s Got Talent’ in 2011.

In addition, he released a new song ‘TONIGHT’ last month, giving hope to many people while he is currently battling difficult cancers such as stage 3 colorectal cancer, prostate cancer, and thyroid cancer.

Choi Seong-bong made his first appearance in ‘Immortal Song’ and couldn’t hide his excitement by saying, “I definitely wanted to come out.” In addition, while revealing the story of his poor childhood and the process of achieving his dream, he made everyone smile by exuding a witty talk of pure charm.

Choi Seong-bong selected ‘Be My Soul’s Wind’ and said, “It seemed like my life was reflected. I chose it because I wanted to sing it until I stopped breathing,” he said, adding that he stimulated the tear glands of the viewers by providing a stage of warm comfort and touching emotions.

Choi Seong-bong’s stage of hope can be seen in ‘Immortal Song’, which will be broadcast at 6:05 pm on the 11th.

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