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Batman Beyond: 10 Ways Gotham’s Future No Longer Makes Sense

by drbyos

Gotham’s future never looked bright. The only small hope the battered city had was a traumatized billionaire who took to battling his worst criminals. But with that little hope the question arises: What will happen when Bruce Wayne is too weak to combat the dangers of Gotham?

In the series Batman Beyond fans meet another young, handsome and angry teenager named Terry McGinnis who suffered a tragedy similar to Bruce’s own. Throughout the series there is a lot of familiarity with the most miserable city in the DC Universe. But the future of Gotham is also a whole new world from what fans know, with many aspects that perplex even the most devoted fans.

10 Gotham’s future came to an abrupt halt at the DCAU

It has to be said that Batman Beyond it’s a very good series. It is considered one of the best versions of Batman on screen, almost rivaling the legendary Batman: The Animated Series. Despite the popularity with fans, the series only ran for three seasons and was then abruptly canceled by Warner Brothers, and future DC animated projects haven’t even recognized it.

In 2000, a petition circulated among fans for him to return. But the request was unsuccessful. However, there are a lot of rumors about the making of a live action movie (potentially with Timothee Chamalet as Terry and Michael Keaton as Bruce).

9 The fashions and trends of the Gotham institute

Kids of any decade are always getting into crazy fashions. But acts of youthful rebellion in Batman Beyond They should make viewers scratch their heads. The height of the madness was the new method of splicing, in which teenagers began to mix their human DNA with the animal, giving them a new animal look.

Terry has enough common sense to be skeptical that there are darker forces behind the new trend. But what doesn’t make sense is that when her mother didn’t let her younger brother get spliced, Terry brings up the fact that she had a small tattoo as a rebuttal. Only a teenager from Hamilton Hill would think that a small tattoo and mixing animal and human DNA are exactly the same.

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8 Gotham’s new sports make no sense

Gotham’s sports of the future have been criticized by fans for not aging well. In the episode “The Winning Edge,” viewers see the emergence of a sport that looks like hockey but without the ice. Players pick up a ball instead of a puck and throw it towards the goal.

It must also be said that while the teams have extremely futuristic uniforms (and weird-looking helmets) the cheerleaders are seen wearing the same short skirts and pom-poms that have been around since Bruce was a kid. The athletes in the episode put Bane’s drug Venom into their veins, proving that performance-enhancing drugs still exist in the future.

7 Villains sometimes keep using outdated methods for no apparent reason

There are many technological advancements that came to Terry McGinnis’s Gotham. But from time to time, the bad guys from Gotham’s future continue to use old-fashioned techniques. At the end of the first season, Derek Powers’ son Paxton has to deal with his father succumbing to his radioactive alter ego, Blight.

Blight is one of the most prominent villains in the series and he is also very powerful. Paxton captures his father who emits radioactive energy with … a fishing net? It makes no sense for Paxton to use such a simple method when he has access to better technology and when it comes to capturing a volatile, radioactive man.

6 there is no Batgirl in the future of Batman Beyond

It makes sense for another Batman to take up the mantle. Gotham has always been riddled with crime, and Terry is an unfortunate victim in the never-ending cycle of violence and vigilantism. Which makes it puzzling that there is no Batgirl, as there must be a young girl who is also traumatized on the streets of Gotham.

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Of course, Barbara Gordon is still the original Batgirl and wants nothing to do with Bruce’s never-ending war on crime. But fans know that Bruce has no problem accepting another young crime fighter in his fight. At least Batgirl fans have Kathy Kane.

5 the Joker comes back alive in the comics

The animated film Batman Beyond: Return of The Joker it was a really innovative way to bring the Joker back and add Tim Drake to the mix. It made perfect sense that the Joker was still dead and that the only way for him to “come back” was through Tim Drake’s alter ego of being Joker Jr. The comics, however, don’t make as much sense.

The reader is expected to believe that the Joker survived the accident with Tim Drake and was alive the entire time. The Joker’s legacy lives on in the future. Also, like most characters from Gotham’s past, the Joker’s insane criminal lifestyle would definitely kill him before Terry was old enough to don the suit.

4 Bruce Wayne’s cane is too convenient as a weapon

A lot has been revealed about Bruce Wayne since the series ended. But what has never been explained is how, throughout the series, Bruce fights the most dangerous villains of Gotham’s future with a cane. Most of the time, an aging Bruce will use his staff to fight a villain.

Fans have seen Bruce beat back Derek Powers when he becomes Blight at a board meeting or beat back Terry when he is spliced ​​by Dr. Cuvier by turning into a literal Bat Man. What is understandable is that Bruce is an expert in martial arts. But there’s not much that an elderly retired crime fighter with a cane can realistically do.

3 Ace the Bat Hound Appears Out of Nowhere

Ace has undoubtedly been a good companion for Bruce and Terry, despite being melancholic or unfriendly. Do not underestimate that Ace is very well trained, given that his owner is one of the best vigilantes of all time. But in Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, Terry takes Ace with him on the mission.

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Not only is he incredibly dangerous for a dog, even a trained one, but Ace appears literally out of nowhere to save Terry from Tim Drake’s Joker. Ace has done this other times throughout the series and while he’s definitely a good guy, his random appearances when fighting villains are pointless.

2 Barbara Gordon is not paralyzed and is wearing an old coat

Barbara Gordon in the footsteps of her father Jim is a great addition to the series. Considering that she is considered one of Batman’s best companions, exploring the character of Barbara is definitely a worthwhile feat. The only problem is that many Batman story arcs have Barbara paralyzed because the Joker shot her.

This is how Barbara went from being Batgirl to becoming an Oracle. It is never explained how Barbara was able to walk again in the series. Also, while all members of Gotham’s new police force wear futuristic uniforms, Barbara continues to dress like her father did in Gotham’s past. Why does she keep dressing like a film noir detective in the future?

1 Bruce Wayne is still alive

Speaking clearly, you have to wonder how, in the name of Kevin Conroy, Bruce Wayne is still alive. Bruce Wayne has had the most dangerous job for decades. All of his villains are dead or incapacitated. The Joker is dead and Bane was a vegetable given his addiction to Venom. Bane broke Batman’s back, became addicted to Venom, and nearly died countless times.

Admittedly, Bruce is one of the toughest individuals Gotham has produced, possibly the toughest. But it is impossible for Bruce to live to see his gray hair, given his choice of lifestyle.

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