Basketball players celebrate their 20th anniversary – SWR news

The ratiopharm ulm Bundesliga basketball club is celebrating its 20th anniversary this weekend. A birthday party for the fans and a test match against Würzburg are planned. The history of the club began in 2001 after the insolvency of the sports club SSV Ulm in 1846. In order to save basketball from collapse, the basketball club was spun off from the umbrella club. It has long since become a professional club. The sporting record is impressive: since then, the Ulm team have been runner-up in Germany twice, and they have made it to the cup final twice. The home arena has been the Ratiopharm-Arena in Neu-Ulm since 2011. There is the Orange Campus for the promotion of young talent. There in the beer garden the anniversary will be celebrated on Friday 6 p.m. with free admission with panel discussions and music. There is a test match against Würzburg on Sunday.


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