Barcelona vs Real Sociedad live online: first half, score, stats and updates, Copa del Rey 2022-23

How does the Copa del Rey work?

We’ll take a look at the two teams in a moment but first, a reminder of what the deal is with the ‘new’ Copa del Rey?

Of course, those of you who are in the know will be well aware that the 2022-23 Copa del Rey started all the way back in October with teams from the sixth tier of Spanish soccer taking part in the preliminary rounds. 110 of the 115 qualified clubs then faced off in the first-round proper in November and we’ve now reached the last eight, where things are pretty straightforward from now on. Win or you’re out (as if that wasn’t obvious).

The RFEF – the Spanish Football Federation – changed the format of the competition for the 2019-20 edition, which has made things far more interesting. More teams have entered from the lower divisions and can live the dream of competing against clubs they would normally never face (although it’s true that most of the familiar faces have made it to the quarter-finals).

Real Sociedad are absolutely no mugs whatsoever, as we’ll discuss, but would beating Barcelona in Barcelona count as an upset? I think it would.


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