Barcelona City Council undertakes to replace the Espanyol plaque in Sarrià

The Barcelona’s town hall has promised to replenish the commemorative plaque of the old stadium Espanyol in Sarriawhich was the subject of vandal graffiti hours after its inauguration, last Saturday, less than 24 hours after the Barcelona City Council presented the commemorative plaque to the former RCD Espanyol soccer field.

The small monolithwhich honors a stadium that would be one hundred years old in 2023, woke up on Sunday with the following text: “Perico, remember that you are shit“. City Hall removed it and has cleaned up any traces of the act of vandalism.

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The Barcelona’s town hall has transferred to the blue and white entity that will replace it again and, in the same way, will make a call to public order in order to avoid acts related to the hatredthe incivism and the intolerance.

In addition, the local administration has committed to replace it with greater security measures to avoid new incidents. In any case, still deadlines are unknown details of the installation of the new plate. If it is known that more than 6 years have passed since the approval of this tribute until its installation, when the plenary council approved this measure on March 15, 2017.


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