Barcelona and Real Madrid are in conflict against Spanish LaLiga – Ovation – 09/18/2021

And there Spanish football enter a conflict, after Real Madrid, Barcelona and Athletic de Bilbao announced this Friday that they had challenged the agreement for the sale of 10% of the capital of LaLiga to the investment fund CVC Capital Partners.

These clubs “have challenged the agreement adopted by the LaLiga Assembly on August 12, 2021, regarding the operation between LaLiga and CVC,” states a statement published jointly by the three teams.

Real Madrid, Athletic and Barça consider that the LaLiga agreement with CVC “violates the provisions of the applicable regulations”.

In addition, they believe that the plan “was adopted within the framework of a notoriously irregular and disrespectful procedure with the minimum guarantees required for this purpose, especially in the face of an operation of such significance and duration.”

Spanish professional first and second division clubs ratified last August the agreement concluded for the sale of 10% of LaLiga to CVC Capital Partners.

Only Real, Barcelona, ​​Bilbao and a fourth team, whose identity was not disclosed, voted against.

Faced with this opposition, CVC preferred to leave these clubs out of the pact, with which the injection of money for the Spanish championship was reduced from 2,700 million euros initially planned at 2,100 million.

Thus, these four clubs will not receive anything of the more than 2,000 million that will be distributed to the rest of the entities, but in exchange they will maintain their total independence of decisions and budgets.

Real and Barça consider that the agreement with CVC goes against your interests since it implies conditioning a part of your income from television rights for half a century, a period considered enormous in an industry as fast as football.

LaLiga He assured, after the announcement ‘was made public, that this decision “makes it clear that what they do not want is the expansion and growth of the rest of the clubs.”

“The three clubs challenge something that does not affect them directly, on the contrary, these clubs will benefit from the growth of LaLiga as a competition, making it clear that what they do not want is the expansion and growth of the rest of the clubs,” he said. LaLiga through a statement.

LaLiga assured that despite everything “it has the support of the operation of the 39 clubs except the three mentioned”.



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