Barbara Palombelli, apologies to Quarto Grado for sentence on femicide, video

Barbara Palombelli, tonight, Friday 17 September 2021, guest of ‘Quarto Grado’, wanted to close, once and for all, for the sentence (equivocal and slippery, as the landlord Gianluigi Nuzzi defined it) on femicide during yesterday’s episode of ‘The Forum Desk’ on Rete4

The statement “It is legitimate to ask: were these men completely insane, completely clouded, or was there also maddening, exaggerated behavior on the other side as well? It is a question that we must ask ourselves… ”he sparked a bipartisan controversy inside and outside Parliament, indignant the most refined personalities of culture, disturbed the world of entertainment. The journalist was attacked without having the opportunity to contextualize her thoughts on one of the scariest crimes against the fair sex.

Barbara Palombelli apologizes to Quarto Grado

Speaking at ‘Quarto Grado’, the host of ‘Forum’ argued her point of view on femicides, condemning any violent behavior against women (who, video):

I apologize if someone, hearing only that sentence, understood that I have gone over to the other side, that is, to justify the femicides. There is nothing further from me, from my history, from what I have written and said in my professional life. That was another speech that fit into a story of anger peculiar to the Forum cause. Forum is a court and has its own autonomy. Who will see the episode from start to finish will understand. I want to reiterate that there is no justification for femicide. We need to take a big step forward and figure out how to defuse everything from the first moment. My intent is to prevent, to understand from the first gesture, the escalation, the behavior of someone who, then, can degenerate. We must prevent, talk about it so that it does not happen again.

The journalist, with these further and detailed clarifications, hopes to throw water on the fire:

We must teach our daughters, our girls that the first gesture of that man must be interpreted, decoded, brought to the psychologist, cured. My whole life is dedicated to this. If anyone has thought of mounting a media storm to change my biography, I am here, I have enough courage to go on and defend myself. But it is falsehood. I apologize to all those who have thought that, even for half a day, he may be an accomplice of someone who commits such a crime. There is nothing further from me. I want to say it categorically.

Barbara Palombelli in Tonight Italy responds to the controversy over femicide

Tonight, during the promo of ‘Stasera Italia’, Palombelli, speaking with her viewers, clarified, point by point, the crucial points of the storm that swept her today:

A terrible thing happened today. A sentence was extrapolated from a Forum lawsuit yesterday afternoon and was used for an attack, an avalanche of attacks…. something that really crossed me from all sides. I was accused, no less, of being an accomplice of femicides, of acquitting men who use violence against women. This betrays my whole life. I who have dedicated my whole life to fighting violence against women and children. I took three children who were victims of violence to my home. They became my children. In my work I have always defended women… this evening we will also talk about them in the Fourth Grade. This is the most false that can exist. There is no anger, no behavior that can justify femicide or violence against women. This, for me, is very clear… it must be clear for you too. I have to reiterate … I apologize to all of you, to the company and to all those who believed that I was that person there. I’m not that person there, it’s still me.

Before starting the episode, our #BarbaraPalombelli is keen to underline an important thing about the controversy that broke out today # StaseraItalia

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