Bank transfer with Poste Italiane, on what the limit of the amount depends

As in the bank, even with the Post Office you can safely use the bank transfer tool. With some small differences between the tools of use.

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For those who have a postal current account, the transfer practice will be familiar as much as to a customer of a banking institution. This is because, in recent years, Poste Italiane has built a role that is increasingly close to that of banks, offering mirror services and, indeed, adapting itself to the best of home banking practices. Furthermore, the possibility of offering extremely varied savings tools, from passbooks to vouchers, to rechargeable cards, is to the advantage of Poste.

In practice, the Post Office now offers all those services that, once upon a time, we would have performed exclusively in a bank. The transfer is one of these. Quick to perform online but also to the offices themselves (13 thousand throughout Italy), after filling in the appropriate form with all the necessary data. However, considering how much attention the Tax Authority pays to money movements (from the point of view of the fight against tax evasion), one wonders if there are limits to keep an eye on for such a practice. There is actually something to watch out for.

Postal transfer, here is the amount not to be exceeded

First of all, a distinction must be made between postal and bank transfers because, despite everything, there are some differences. In the first case, in addition to the place (made in Poste), the assumption also changes: there will be no need, in fact, to be the owner of a Poste Italiane product (not even an account). This circumstance, if it occurs, will make it impossible to make an online transfer. It will be necessary to go to the counter and make the payment directly there. With a BancoPosta account, green light for home banking and apps, but also PostePay business or Evolution.

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As for the limits, there are a few to be aware of. It all depends on where and how the transfer is made. If the latter (in SEPA form) is managed directly by the post office, there will be no limits on the amount. The situation is different when using tools such as the internet profile on the Poste website or the application on smartphones. In the first case, the maximum amount of a SEPA will be 15 thousand euros for a single transaction, with no daily limitations. In the second, the amount drops to 5 thousand euros for each operation. And, in this case, the figure will also be the daily limit.


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