Banjo-Kazooie Trailer – Nintendo 64 – Nintendo Switch Online

The adventures of Banjo and Kazooie begin here! Banjo-Kazooie becomes available for Nintendo Switch Online + extension …


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  1. Man the memories I have with this game. From banjo kazooie and banjo tooie being the first video games I’ve ever played on a n64 to beating them recently again. These two games will always have a place in my heart. I remeber as a kid just running between all the worlds just having a blast… the good old days 🙁

  2. Okay, that’s what I’ve been waiting for to upgrade my account to the Expansion Pack. That being said, I’m gonna wait until January 20th to see if it’s proper lagless emulation. I don’t wanna ruin this brilliant experience. Please come seamless, Banjo Kazooie (and hopefully Banjo Tooie in the future). Thanks for the ports, Nintendo!

  3. Why should we have to pay an extra few to play these old games Nintendo? And that doesn't mean we want the standard online subscription to rise ether, it's already a ripoff.

  4. Before anyone buys a switch make sure you buy an SD card when you purchase a Nintendo switch. Nintendo is selling Nintendo switch consoles with the SD card already damaged. I bought a brand new switch and the SD card slot came damaged luckily I had a warranty. Nintendo needs to worry about damaged Nintendo switch consoles they are selling instead of worrying about suing people for reselling Nintendo items that does not belong to them anymore.

  5. I don't care for this stop adding games if u don't add messaging and voice chat and better way to add people to play without this these worse games ever to play. Add voice chat with parent controllers and messaging to.

  6. This is going to be the most broken and lagy version of this release. No one will play this normally cause you have to have wifi. Why can't you download this and play offline. Nintendo got their heads in the clouds with these ports

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