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Baden-Württemberg Cem Özdemir to become Federal Minister of Agriculture – SWR Aktuell

by drbyos

The Baden-Württemberg resident and former Green Party leader Cem Özdemir is to become Minister of Agriculture in the new federal government. This was announced by the federal manager of the Greens.

In a power struggle for the Green ministerial posts in the new federal government, the former party leader Cem Özdemir prevailed against parliamentary group leader Anton Hofreiter. According to this, Özdemir becomes Minister of Agriculture and Food. The Greens announced this on Thursday evening after hours of deliberation on the board. This was preceded by a bitter struggle between Realos and the left wing over the distribution of cabinet posts.

The parliamentary group leader Hofreiter from the left wing is not part of the personnel board at top positions, which the 125,000 Greens members are to vote on together with the coalition agreement from this Friday. It was actually considered set, but now has to stand back in favor of Özdemir.

Support from Green politicians – also from Baden-Württemberg

Green top politicians from several federal states had spoken out in favor of Özdemir as federal minister in advance. Baden-Württemberg’s finance minister, Danyal Bayaz, tweeted on Thursday evening: “I can’t imagine a cabinet with Green participation in which Cem Özdemir is not part. And I think: that’s how most of the people in this country feel.”

Twitter post by Danyal Bayaz

Bayaz and Özdemir are both from the Realo wing of the Greens from Baden-Württemberg and have Turkish roots. Hamburg’s second mayor Katharina Fegebank also wanted her party friend Özdemir as federal minister on Twitter.

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