Bad Bunny becomes the most listened to artist of 2021 on Spotify

TEGUCIGALPA, HONDURAS.- The Puerto Rican, Bad Bunny became the most listened to Latin artist in Spotify in 2021, as reported by the same company through social networks.

The urban singer has achieved more than 6,659 million views from January to August, breaking the record for the most heard by users.

The platform detailed that although it did not remain the most listened to constantly, it was placed in first place in four of the eight months that have elapsed, specifically in January, February, July and August.

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Starting the count in January, Bad Bunny reached 913.5 million views; in February it had 776 million views, followed by another 801.6 million in March and 731 million in April.

Then, in May he had 695 million views, but in June he began a rebound with 845 million views, thanks to the release of his song “Yonagui.”

By July, “El Conejo Malo” achieved 955.6 million views – the highest amount in a month so far this year – mostly for his participation in the “remix” of the song “Volando” with fellow countryman Mora and Panamanian Sech.

Finally, in August Bad Bunny achieved 942 million views.

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