Bachelor (RTL): Single dates for Hannah – is Niko really interested?

Does candidate Hannah have a chance at Bachelor Niko?

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Niko Griesert is very popular with Bachelor girls. Hannah, whom he almost ignored for six weeks, gets a date. Is Niko really interested?

Berlin / Chiemsee – Who will be the chosen one to hand over his last rose to Niko Griesert at the end of the current Bachhelor season? The fight for the Rosenkavalier is in full swing – and the ladies who are vying for the 30-year-old and live in a luxurious chalet*, slowly but surely extend their claws. Two of the women who are fighting for the bachelor’s favor have been kissed nicely: Mimi and Stephie.

Mimi in particular is jealous – if there is a risk of a catfight between the two women, which ultimately costs them their friendship*? In any case, the two opponents are sure of one thing – and it is about their comrade Hannah. After six weeks of waiting, she finally gets an invitation to a single date from Niko, but Mimi and Stephie are asking themselves whether the Bachelor really has feelings for Hannah*, pretty much agreed. // is part of the Ippen-Digital network.

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