"Babyhead" – Diarrhea Planet (official music video)

“Babyhead” is from the latest release of the album I’m Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dream, praised by critics of Diarrhea Planet.

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21 Responses

  1. Quite possibly the most fun band I had doing sound for. I think I laughed for the whole set. The best use of four guitar players I’ve ever seen. I know the drummer from Cincinnati’s The Pinstripes. This video really shows off how great this band was! Hilarious!

  2. You know that I'd cut my hair
    If I knew that's what you wanted
    A lot of people might get scared
    But you still get my engine running
    But baby, I couldn't let you know
    Because you've still got me hiding
    And only you could keep me waiting
    While we're just getting older
    I'm just getting older
    Cuz baby
    My will is like a cold-blooded killer
    It blasts a hole in my head
    And dumps it into the river
    This is the edge of wearing down
    It always feels like I'm staring out
    Of someone's body who isn't me
    They keep me locked in
    So that I can't speak
    This is the edge of breaking down
    This kind of high
    Really takes you out
    It the kind of words I can't really say
    It's the kind of person that I can't be
    To you, Babyhead! (So keep moving away)

  3. Several months back my band was looking for an assistant so I met a local artist at a bar and He told me about this band. The name stuck in my head and I fell in love with D.P. as soon as I heard them. I am so glad I met that artist so He could tell me about these guys.

  4. These guys must appreciate Australian music, cause all of their stuff sounds like crap rock we had here for the last 30 years. Just google any aussie band from 1970 till now and hear what i mean.

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