Baby L’s fate is at stake, Lesti Kejora gets sprayed until he is accused of forgetting himself, why?

PEOPLE’S MIND – As long as you take care of Baby L, okay Ready Kejora nor billiards, both of them seemed to be compact in caring for Baby L with great affection.

But it turns out that behind all the compactness of taking care of Baby L, billiards ever angry at Ready Kejora.

So what makes billiards Wrath at his wife, Ready Kejora?

As is known, on January 26 tomorrow, Baby L will be one month old.

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As a newborn, Baby L certainly really needs breast milk from Ready Kejora.

Therefore, Ready Kejora He is also diligent in pumping breast milk for Baby L’s ASI stock while he is not at home.

“Grandfather (Ready Kejora) I’ve brought a mentor to the room, ah Dede intends to pump,” said Ready Kejora.

Instead of pumping, Ready Kejora Instead, he fell asleep in his sleep so he didn’t have time to pump.


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