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Babis will propose to the bureau YES to cancel and re-create the brno organization

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The prime minister and the chairman of the ano movement Andrej Babis will propose to the bureau the cancellation of the brno organization of the movement and its new creation. Said on Thursday to reporters in Brno after negotiations with the city members of the movement.

Babis doesn’t want in the movement of people who may be linking to dubious cases. Last year after the raid, the police at the town hall in Brno-the center ended because of suspicions of corruption in custody, former vice mayor George Švachula (selected as YES). According to Babiš should be an extraordinary regional synod, which elects a new county bureau.

Babiš said that the bureau of the YES meet on Tuesday next week and on its draft decision. “I am convinced that the majority of the members of the brno organization are decent people who entered the movement with the ideals that we promote. But unfortunately colleagues of the region’s nepohlídali and came to the people, who substantially ruined our reputation and has a negative impact on our movement as a whole,” said Babis. He added that Švachula came six years ago, when he was the regional president of the former member of the Bohuslav Chalupa.

Therefore, it is also proposed to the extraordinary regional assembly, in secret ballot elect a new leadership. Now leading the regional organisation of the mep Tatyana Small. According to Babiš is it possible that the regional organization shall elect a leadership of the same, must have the confidence to start work on the creation of a new brno-based organization.

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Little said that the abolition of the brno organization is probably the most appropriate solution, for which klonilo more members. “We will proceed according to how the bureau shall decide,” said Little. Whether he will run again for president, considers the yet for early.

The brno chair YES Karin Karasová said that the situation is very embarrassing. “At this point but I’m not useless, we have to sort out the ideas,” said Karasová.

Babiš said that the main goal of the movement YES win in the election to the House in the next year. “I didn’t lose ten years of my life on it, make it final, someone messed up. And if the regional organizations choose people who have different faults and it has a negative effect on the movement, I clearly said that I won’t tolerate these things,” said Babis.

The brno movement YES address in recent weeks, the big disputes. In march suggested the then deputy chairman of the movement and former brno mayor Petr Vokřál the cancellation of three of the organizations due to the fact that some people could be associated with cases associated with Švachulou. Initially, cells were lifted, but then the bureau’s decision changed. Vokřál last week decided to of movement to get off, although he had in the fall to lead the candidate to the regional elections. Now will be the leader of the current governor of Bohumil Simek. Vokřál in a performance of the movement stated that he doesn’t want his name associated with people who movement use only for their own benefit.

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