BAB 2 continues its evolution and applies energy sobriety

BAB 2 continues its evolution and applies energy sobriety

This book takes up, at the beginning, the history of shopping centers. From the five-storey markets built under the Emperor Trajan in Rome, who reigned from 97 to 117 AD, to today’s establishments, “frequented by seven French people out of ten, at least once a month . »

Living spaces

“Shopping centres, like BAB 2, are real living spaces where everyone can come and everyone is welcomed. People come here to prepare for the start of the school year, organize a birthday party, meet there for lunch, etc. », maintains Marie Cheval.

We are far from the time when some predicted their disappearance with the arrival of digital commerce. “We evolve at the same time as society,” says the CEO of Carmila. Covid-19, with its period of total confinement, was a life-size crash test for us. Afterwards, we returned to a normal level of attendance. »

Omnichannel offer

The demonstration, in his eyes, that the sale on the Internet has not supplanted everything. “You can place orders from your couch, but you don’t spend your life on your couch,” notes Marie Cheval. We are confronted with customers who want to come on site, use drive-thru services and order online at the same time. This is why we make them a so-called “omnichannel” offer which allows them to do everything. »

For the director of the BAB 2 shopping center, Mélina Cherakrak: “Having, like us, the arrival of 20 new brands in two years, including 9 this year, shows that physical commerce still has all its meaning”.

Brands born on the Web are even looking for physical exhibitions. BAB 2 has been hosting an ephemeral boutique for several months Marquettea brand that brings together brands born on the Internet.

“We are also the largest private employer in the Basque Country, with more than a thousand jobs,” says Mélina Cherakrak.

sobriety time

Among the major developments, Marie Cheval highlights Carmila’s commitment to energy savings. “This has been the big topic since last summer. We have reduced our energy consumption by 20% by heating less and managing lighting better. We are also studying the possibilities of equipping our shopping centers with solar panels. We direct our actions towards more sobriety and towards an eco-responsible model with the creation of green spaces that promote biodiversity. »

Furthermore, Carmila also gives pride of place to health. The upcoming installation of a dental office at BAB 2 is an illustration of this.


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