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In the middle of the war to control the PP in Madrid, an image and a phrase loaded with meaning. Tuesday. Isabel Díaz Ayuso attends a PP dinner, and Pío García-Escudero, the interim president of the party in the region, takes the opportunity to give her a football shirt with the number 1 very clear: here is our leader, is the message. Thursday. Díaz Ayuso uses the plenary session of the Madrid Assembly to leave a message to the national leadership of Pablo Casado, who has not shown any enthusiasm for the Madrid leader to run for the presidency of the Madrid PP, thus combining organic and institutional power : “When we have someone who wins elections, it is true that we are going.”

Ayuso against Almeida: in the PP of Madrid war drums sound

MADRID, 05/21/2021.- The former Madrid president Esperanza Aguirre (i), accompanied by the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, on the occasion of the presentation of the book

Aguirre’s poisoned gift to Ayuso

The phrase sums it up. That Díaz Ayuso feels strong thanks to his 4-M electoral victory. That the PP Congress in Madrid wants to advance, scheduled for the first semester of 2022. That Díaz Ayuso knows that Teodoro García-Egea, the party’s general secretary, is not for the work, because there is an agreement of the management so that the conclaves of uniprovincial regions are at that time. That the national leadership sees with dismay how the commitment of the party baroness to opt for organic power has overshadowed the national convention with which it wants to relaunch Casado. And that there are leaders of the national leader’s trust who observe with concern that the organic power that the presidency of the Madrid PP would grant him adds to his institutional power: no one has forgotten how Esperanza Aguirre acted as a counterweight and internal opposition to Mariano Rajoy thanks to achieve that combination.

“I understand that the debate of my party is curious, because you kill each other to choose a person to win elections, and when we have it, it is true that the march is going,” says Díaz Ayuso to Mónica García, the leader of Más Madrid, in the plenary session of the Assembly. “But we are not like you: we do not put anyone to the guillotine.”

There is a half smile on Díaz Ayuso’s face as he pronounces the phrase. It is one more demonstration of how the president is fighting this fight with an iron fist in a silk glove. In the same way that a phrase said with carelessness is worth it last Friday to complain that the regional Congress is not held earlier (“It is important that this be done soon”), the weekend tries to dispel with irony the fear that it will combine the tasks to preside over the party and the Community: “I am a woman and I can do two things at the same time.”

It happens again this Thursday. Among joking references to the internal mess of the PP (“the march is going on”), Díaz Ayuso makes his message clear: he is not going to remain silent while criticism of his chief of staff, Miguel Ángel Rodríguez, is leaked from the national leadership, allegedly divisions within the Madrid Executive due to his candidacy, or doubts about the advisability of presiding over the region and the party at the same time. A reminder that the conservative formation is allowing its internal war to be fought in public.

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