Avilés will contract with Abanca the loan to finance investments worth 3.4 million

The operation in question has a maximum duration of ten years, with a grace period of two and a maximum repayment period of eight. The City Council will make the corresponding payments in a total of 32 equal quarterly installments. In the evaluation of the offers, the margin offered by the entities was taken into account, expressed in basis points over the reference interest rate.

The entity that offered the lowest margin over the reference interest rate was Unicaja (formerly Liberbank) and it was the one initially proposed by the Trading Desk. When at the beginning of last August progress was being made in the processing of the policy, on the eve of the signing, it was found that the entity had added a paragraph related to the evolution of the Euribor that implied a modification of the administrative clauses. Unicaja ended up giving up “By not admitting the inclusion in the contract of a paragraph relating to the inadmissibility of accrual of negative interest”.

Given this scenario, the Board proposed the award of the tender to Abanca Corporación Bancaria, the next entity that offered the lowest margin (0.51%) over the reference interest rate, as stated in the profile of the contractor of the Avilés City Council.

Among the actions that will be financed with this loan, the works of the old Post Office building, future headquarters of the “Julián Orbón” Conservatory (700,000 euros), the urbanization of the upper area of ​​Carrer del Carmen (350,000 euros) and the plaza stand out. by Pedro Menéndez (150,000 euros), the pedestrianization of the Plaza de La Merced (150,000 euros), the connection of the Plaza del Cabayo with the Luz Casanova park (100,000 euros) and the installation of equipment to improve energy efficiency at La Curtidora (146,667 euros). Also part of the list is the repair of dampness in the Quirinal School (100,000 euros), the reform of the conference room of the House of Culture (200,000) and an endowment of 202,000 euros for the call for subsidies in the field of rehabilitation of real estate.


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