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The former supreme prosecutor He denounced the subjects who verbally assaulted him in a supermarket in the San Borja district, a fact that has been condemned by ministers, congressmen and various political figures.

In statements to this newspaper, Guillén indicated that the event occurred last Tuesday at approximately 7 pm. He added that the subjects attacked him inside and outside a supermarket he usually goes to.

SIGHT: The Minister of the Interior warns that all acts of violence will be investigated and reported, after the attack on Avelino Guillén

“It was a couple, the man began to insult me, to ‘terruque’. He said that because of me, the Shining Path is now in the Government Palace, which had surely cried over the death of the terrorist Abimael Guzmán, who permanently attacked Fujimori. Basically it was a very intense ‘terruqueo’, very strong, but shouting, very loud “, he recounted.

“After a few moments, when they handed me my products and I left the store, they followed me and there are already greater caliber insults and a threat of physical aggression, all seasoned with flatness. They followed me to a route and then I left “added.

Avelino Guillén He said he suffered a similar assault last July in another district.

“Not only is it a crime against honor because it is falsely attributing terrorist behavior to me, for me the ‘terruqueo’ implies a death threat because it is to dehumanize the person and place them in an object condition that can be eliminated at any time. For me it is very serious. The second aspect is the crime against freedom, that is, the threat to my life, to my physical integrity, because they have threatened to physically attack me “, said.

Finally, the former prosecutor considered that it is “An unsustainable situation.”

“They have not been identified, but I understand that the vehicle in which they have been removed has been identified in some way. That is the comment I have received. The video that circulates in networks is the one that they have posted. There are videos of the serenazgo because its main office in San Borja is less than 20 steps from the supermarket. All of that is full of cameras [de seguridad]”he added.

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