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1 Available Credit is a product offered by Cofidis, SA Branch in Spain, which acts as a lender. TARGOBANK, SAU acts as a credit intermediary. Cofidis, SA Branch in Spain. Insc. in the Reg. Merc. from Barcelona. Volume 42914, book 0, folio 31, section 8, page B418739, Insc. 1st. NIF W0017686G. Reg. Bank of Spain nº 1543. Associate in Asnef nº 527.

2 For amounts between € 500 and € 7,500. Minimum term of 13 months if the amount is up to € 6,000 and 14 months if the amount is from € 6,000.01 to € 7,500. The last installment will always be lower than the rest. TIN: 18% TAE: 19,56 %. French amortization system.

Representative example for 48 months:
For an example of financing of € 1,500, with a contract date of August 1, 2021 and a first due date of September 1, 2021, 47 monthly installments of € 44.10 and a final residual of € 41.83. The total amount owed will be € 2,114.53. TAE: 19,56 %. TIN: 18%. Total cost of the credit / interest amount: € 614.53. This representative example is offered in compliance with the provisions of Order ETD / 699/2020, of July 24, regulating revolving credit.

3 If you request the Wildcard, Cofidis will not issue the receipt for the following month. The interests of the period and the insurance premium, if contracted, are accumulated to the outstanding capital and will extend the term of repayment of the credit. This service does not modify the amount of the following receipts. Cofidis authorizes the use of two non-consecutive Wildcards every 12 months to customers without unpaid receipts.

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