Ava Phillippe, Reese Whiterspoon’s daughter, turned 22 and is just like her mother (photos)

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In addition to being one of the most recognized actresses in Hollywood, Reese Whiterspoon is one of the most beautiful. The Oscar winner boasts a great beauty that has captivated millions since the nineties and is now also shared by her eldest daughter Ava Phillippe, who looks more and more like the star of Legally Blonde.

On September 9, 1999, during her first marriage to Ryan Phillippe, Reese Whiterspoon became Ava’s mother. The adorable baby is her only daughter and older sister to Deacon Phillippe, who was born in October 2003, and a half-sister from Tennessee. James Toth, the son Reese had with her current husband Jim Toth in 2012.

All her children inherited quite attractive features from the actress from Big Little Lies. However, since Ava is the only girl, she is the one who boasts in her maximum splendor a beauty equal to that of her mother.

Since childhood, Ava captivated with her adorable face. However, once he entered his teens, he surprised millions with his uncanny resemblance to Reese, which has only increased over the years.

Following her 22nd birthday in September 2021, Reese shared a photo of Ava where she made it more than clear that she is her little clone. If not because we know it is his daughter, many of us would believe that it is a photo of Whiterspoon when he was young.

The captivating beauty, the beautiful clear eyes, the flirtatious smile and more features make Ava not only a beautiful woman, but also a lost twin of her mom.

In addition to sharing the same captivating beauty, Ava and Reese have a very beautiful and deep mother-daughter relationship, which shines through in many of their social media posts.

Mom and daughter have also consistently conquered the red carpet. Every time they go to a Hollywood event together, all eyes and cameras are on her.

reese whiterspoon and her similar daughter
He was subdued/Getty Images

Although both of her parents are actors, Ava does not share the same passion as them. At 22, the beautiful young woman is building her modeling career.

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