Authorities “consult with manufacturers and medical institutions for a smooth supply of flu vaccines”

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The health authorities said on the 9th, “We are discussing with manufacturers and medical institutions so that the vaccine can be supplied smoothly,” in response to concerns from some medical circles that it will not be easy to secure a flu vaccine this year at frontline medical institutions.

At a regular briefing on the same day, Kim Ki-nam, head of the inoculation planning team of the COVID-19 vaccination response team, said, “The national shipment approval is currently in progress through the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

According to the health authorities, the supply of influenza vaccines for children and pregnant women is made by medical institutions themselves, and the vaccines for the elderly are purchased in total by the government and then supplied to medical institutions.

In front-line medical institutions, vaccines for children and pregnant women must be supplied and used through pharmaceutical companies and wholesalers, but concerns have been raised that procurement of flu vaccines this year will not be as easy as it used to be.

It is known that this situation is caused by a difference in position between the hospital side, who wants to secure sufficient quantity in advance, and the supplier side, who is careful about quantity allocation to minimize returns.

Director Kim explained, “In consideration of the return of unvaccinated doses, there is an aspect that pharmaceutical companies do not supply vaccines all at once, but rather supply them according to the actual demand of medical institutions.”

“We are supporting the medical community in securing vaccines and asking for cooperation, including providing the medical community with the status of wholesalers that can purchase influenza vaccines by region,” he said.


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