Austria’s sports stars tinkered with the tactics «» in Graz

46 years after the first edition, the Sporthilfe Super10Kampf is making a comeback in Graz. On Friday, the stars went to the Styria Media Center for lunch. The show will air on September 18th.

from David baumgartner | 5:04 p.m., September 10, 2021


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Marlies Raich, Thomas Morgenstern and Hans Knauß (from left) © Manuel Hanschitz

At first glance, you might think you have landed in the middle of a meeting of legends. Big names from the Austrian sports world, regardless of whether they are active or “retired”, have come to Friday in Graz gathered to be part of the Super10Kampfs to do something for the local sport – and it really started before the official ORF recording, which was broadcast on Friday evening in Sports Park Graz was made.

Im Styria Media Center everyone involved strengthened themselves at lunchtime – and the tactics were already being worked on. Because without knowing what exactly the participants can expect later in the Super10Kampf, one or the other has already spotted a punching bag. Has on one of these Thomas Morgenstern showed perseverance in “small against large” a few years ago. Will the protagonists have to hang on the sack for as long as possible this time too? You will find out on Saturday the September 18 at prime time at 8.15 p.m. on ORF Eins.

In any case, the humiliation ran – even a little later than the couple Marlies and Benjamin Raich, Thomas Morgenstern and Hans Knauß took the time to chat with reporters from the Kleine Kinderzeitung. “You can look forward to fun and games at the Super10Kampf. I’m always bad at games, but great at fun,” said ski icon and ORF expert Knauß.

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