Austria, Chancellor Sebastian Kurz resigns after charges of aiding and abetting corruption

He had made it clear that his resignation was not on the table just three days ago, but now there political pressure on the Austrian prime minister he was so strong that his permanence at the head of the government was no longer possible. The Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz announced his farewell to the leadership of the executive of Vienna after the investigation of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office which involved him on charges of aiding and abetting corruption for having commissioned gods with public money election polls favorable to him published by the newspaper Austria and from private TV Oe24, both owned by Fellner family. He should now be the current Foreign Minister, Alexander Schallenberg, to take over and lead the popular government praise e gave.

It was Kurz himself, in his farewell speech, who proposed the head of diplomacy as his successor. “I proposed to the president Alexander Van der Bellen Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg as my successor – he said – It would be irresponsible to leave our country in chaos and stalemate, it would also be irresponsible to experiment with a coalition of four that would depend on the graces of the Libertarian from Herbert Kickl. I place the country’s interest ahead of mine ”, he continued announcing that will remain in Parliament as group leader and leader of the Övp. “The allegations are false and I will prove it”, he added

The judicial and political earthquake at the top of the Austrian executive had exploded on 6 October, when the news of the prosecutor’s investigations involving the head of the government was spread. His close ones are also investigated together with Kurz, including Johannes Frischmann e Gerald Fleischmann of the press staff and the consultant Stefan Steiner, in addition to the former minister Sabine leg scraper.

Kurz has also been investigated since this spring on charges of false testimony regarding his deposition on the Ibizagate scandal which involved Heinz-Christian Strache, ex vice chancellor Austrian and leader of the far-right party Fpoe, at the time a government partner of Kurz himself. Strache was then condemned for corruption.

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