Auboue. Art classes at the MJC with Sandra Kremer: only positive

Recently awarded a medal from the Academy of Arts, Sciences and Letters, introduced to the practice of the arts by her grandfather from an early age, it was only natural that Sandra Kremer headed towards studies in this field. Literary baccalaureate specializing in plastic arts, faculty of plastic arts, graduate in art therapy since July 2022, professional painter since April 2019, member of the Société des Beaux-Arts de Lorraine, member of the Academy of Arts, Sciences and letters, she made the choice of teaching in order to pass on her knowledge and to share the well-being that this practice brings to as many people as possible.

“Since my beginnings in this profession, I have given private and group lessons to all audiences, children, adults, the elderly, people with disabilities. »

She leads artistic workshops in various extracurriculars and trains professional patents of youth, popular education and sport to lead artistic workshops. “Since 2021, I have been leading art therapy workshops in schools in priority education areas in Thionville and Yutz as well as in neighborhood houses by offering therapeutic coloring or participatory frescoes, for example. »

Express one’s feelings

The practice of creative activities allowing an improvement of confidence and self-esteem, also favoring the communication and the expression of one’s feelings and emotions. It is particularly indicated in this type of establishment but can be offered to any type of public.

The new courses take place at the MJC in Auboué, Tuesdays at 7 p.m. for adults, Wednesdays at 10:30 a.m. for children and 2 p.m. for teenagers. Duration: 1h30. Children and teenagers prices (equipment included) €22/month all year round. Adult rates (equipment not included) €15.50/month year-round.

Contact : Sandra Kremer au 06 03 13 31 94.


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