ATLÉTICO DE MADRID Griezmann: to round off his work

The season is exciting for Atlético and Griezmann, the last rojiblanco signing. The Frenchman returns to what was his home for five years and it does so with many challenges ahead. It can be an unforgettable season for the French striker, already converted when he became an Atlético legend due to his excellent numbers, if he manages to reach the top of the rojiblanco team, increasing even more with his scoring contribution.

Griezmann, 30, won the Spanish Super Cup, the Europa League and the European Super Cup with Atlético. He has never won the league title and his first goal is that. Nor could he achieve it in his two years as a Barcelona player. It is the curious circumstance that Atlético was champion the year before his arrival in the 2014-15 financial year and has now become champion again, just before his return. He was very close to winning the Champions League with Atlético, but Milan eluded the rojiblanco team. And one of Griezmann’s worst memories was that night, when he missed a penalty that could be key in the course of the clash. Above individual successes, Griezmann wants titles, especially these two that have been resisting him.

The Frenchman has played 257 games for Atlético. He is in position 45 among the players who have played the most matches with the rojiblanco team. His challenge is to overcome the figure of 300 crashes and thus climb many steps in that historical classification. He would be among the 30 players who have defended the rojiblanca the most times. Right now he is the seventh foreign player with the most encounters. Godín played 389, Filipe Luis 333, Perea, 314, Oblak has 306, Griffa played 290 and Correa has played 283. Oblak and Correa are still active and are important at Atlético, so they will continue to add, but the Frenchman has Griffa within reach and could be close to Perea. The top foreign players are covered by players who have been in this cycle of Simeone. We will see how far the ‘again’ rojiblanco can go.

As for the scoring figures, it could also be a historic year for Griezmann. Carry 133 so many with Atlético and Luis Aragonés is still far away, who with 172 goals is Atlético’s top scorer. Escudero scored 169, Campos 153 and Gárate 136. If the rojiblanco tip does what he knows, the normal thing is that he leaves behind two legends like Campos and Gárate and will already be on the rojblanco podium of top scorers.

In Europe, if nothing abnormal happens, it will also break a record. Luis Aragonés and Griezmann are the top scorers in continental competitions, with 27 goals. If the Frenchman scores only one, he will already be the rojiblanco with the highest score in Europe. In the Champions League, the new Atlético player takes the cake, scoring 21 goals. His figures have already placed him among the best in Atlético but he can and should round out his work at Atlético in his second stage in the Madrid entity.


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