At the end of the month, the bills are at zero

Tuesday, October 18, 2022, 9:50 p.m

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A house that optimizes its energy consumption, cools and heats itself, doesn’t pollute and doesn’t waste anything seems like the perfect investment in times of energy crisis.

budget for such a home is not for everyone, as a two-room apartment can cost even 200 thousand euros. However, the investment is recovered in time considering that the utility bills are zero, according to the developers.

In these homes, the classic walls are replaced by thermally insulating windows, the roofs are equipped with photovoltaic panelswhich bring zero bills at the end of the month, and whoever has surplus energy can sell it to the network.

The lighting is done with LEDs or motion sensors, and the bathrooms have a rainwater use and recycling system.

All of these inventions were presented at a fair of immobility from the Capital.

“To know how to make it more efficient, we need to know what consumes us a lot in our homes, and there are consumers we don’t expect, it can be a toaster that consumes in stand-by. This we can find out with the help of a smart socket. Monitor consume throughout the day and sends us reports on the phone”, explained Alexandru Măxineanu, an expert in smart homes, for TVR news.

A house that produces itself energyit doesn’t waste it and it doesn’t pollute, it can even cost 200 thousand euros.


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