At least 13 dead from heavy flooding in Australia

At least 13 people have lost their lives as a result of the huge floods that hit the east coast of Australia, while the authorities put this Wednesday in “high alert” the city of Sydneythe most populated in the country.

The floods, caused by torrential rains registered since the beginning of last week and that still continue in some points of the southeast, mainly affect the states of Queensland, where nine deaths have been registered, and New South Wales, which accumulates four deaths. Authorities believe the death toll will rise as several people remain missing.

Heavy rainfall, moving from Queensland to the southern coast of New South Wales, today hit the town of ballina and other populations of Northern Rivers, where the evacuation of its residents has been ordered. Before the possibility of floodsNew South Wales authorities have placed several Sydney districts on “high alert”, with 5.3 million inhabitantssaid today the regional head of EmergenciesSteph Cookinforms the public network ABC.

A road closure near Sydney. (EFE)

One of the most worrying points is the warragamba damsouthwest of Sydney, which has already “reached capacity [máxima] and has begun to overflow,” reported on Twitter the New South Wales Emergency Service by putting some 130,000 residents living in the vicinity on alert. The floods have also affected some 20,000 dwellings from the Gympie localities and the city of Brisbane, among other towns in the state of Queensland, where cleaning tasks are being carried out in anticipation of the arrival of another storm later this week.

One of the points of greatest concern is the Warragamba dam, southwest of Sydney, which has already reached its maximum capacity

The damage caused by this disaster in Queensland may amount to AU$1 billion (727 million US dollars or 654 million euros), said the deputy head of the regional government, Steven Miles, collects channel 7. For its part, the Council of Insurers of Australia reported that it has received more than 48,200 property damage claims due to the floods, while the Australian Minister for Services, Linda Reynolds, informed the ABC station that 90,000 applications for disaster grants had been submitted as of yesterday.


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