“At Juve the most demanding on weight. I kept my stomach in for the photos and I scored 30 goals”

Gonzalo Higuain confessed in a long interview granted to TyC Sports. Here are the words of the former Juventus striker taken up by Tmw: “At Juventus it is where they were most demanding on weight. They took pictures of me every year, but I liked me because I knew how it would end … With 30 goals. Sometimes I kept my belly in for the photos. “

He played with both Ronaldo and Messi.

“Yes, and if I wasn’t the one who played the most, I’m second. If I have to choose, I say Leo.”

What connection do you have with Julian Alvarez?

“I found out … He was playing as number 8 and I told him that for me he was a 9. I’m happy he’s doing well.”

Which technician were you most in tune with?

“The three best coaches I’ve ever had were Sabella, Pellegrini and Sarri. I’ll give up on Maradona, he’s a separate case, he was the first to bring me to the national team and I’ll be eternally grateful to him.”

Can you tell us about the transfer from Juventus to Napoli?

“I left after scoring 36 goals in a great team, yet we hadn’t become champions. I was wondering what else I had to do and when Juventus arrived there was no room to doubt. I never did, too. if it was a decision that cost me. In life, however, evil all comes back: you see the insults and hatred received by the Napoli fans, but then in eight games I scored six goals against them. to go to Arsenal, when I was in Naples, but they told me it was too expensive. And a few days later they spent 80 million for Ozil (laughs, ed) “.

Who would you invite to an asado?

“My three ideal guests are: Ronaldo (the Phenomenon, ed), Buffon and Sergio Ramos”.


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