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At 63, Madonna reveals one of her nipples on Instagram

by drbyos

As Marjo said: “Provocative! You’re doing it on purpose…”

At 63 years old, the one who was born Madonna Louise Ciccone and who marked the years 1980-90 with her sulphurous pop music still knows how to go about fueling the scandal.

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This Wednesday, the Madonna has indeed published on Instagram a series of photos that consolidate her status as a timeless sex symbol.

In these images, we can see the diva (very little) dressed in fine lingerie in an array of suggestive poses.

In two of the photos, the sexagenarian shamelessly unveils one of her nipples, thus having fun playing with usage policies Instagram, which can leave room for interpretation.

Instagram Madonna

«[…] for a number of reasons we don’t allow nudity on Instagram. […] This also includes some pictures of woman’s nipples, ”Instagram’s rules state.

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Since almost 24 hours after their publication the images are still online, we can conclude that Madonna has cleverly circumvented these rules.

In another image, where the curve of her breast is clearly visible, the singer took the precaution of hiding her nipple with a heart emoji to avoid being blacklisted.

Instagram Madonna

And in the last photo, she seems to be looking for a contact lens under her bed, showing us another side of herself.

Instagram Madonna

Madonna is obviously no stranger to controversy.

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Recently, however, she seems to have regained a taste for scandal, notably by participating in a photo shoot where she recreated the death of Marilyn Monroe.

The ’80s idol is currently working on writing a film about his life, and this might explain it …

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