Asturias will turn to the Army to appeal to those who have not wanted to be vaccinated | BE Gijón | Today for Today Gijón

The Health Service of the Principality will return to offer the vaccine that is available to those who have rejected it, once you are immunized or about to complete the vaccination process for your age group. The Minister of Health, Pablo Fernández, explained during the Health Commission held at the Board that the Army will be supported to locate these people. Fernández has indicated that “Rejecting the vaccine does not mean being totally out of the process.” In this way, he explained that once the vaccination of the age group to which they belong is ending, the vaccine that is available will be offered again to those people who had initially refused to be vaccinated.

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In addition, he has commented that 2.46% have not been vaccinated of the people cited at the first dose, either due to rejection of any of the available vaccines or for other reasons. In this sense, the Health Service will call them again “when the immunization of their age group is finished or very advanced.” On vaccines the president of the International Society of Bioethics. Marcelo Palacios recalled that, from a human rights perspective, a person can give up putting it. Another issue is, in his opinion, derivations of the legal index that is an inconvenience in this matter of decisions, although he believes that it is not. As for the Bioethics Committee to pronounce this way now and not before, he has attributed it to having more knowledge in this regard that gives more guarantee so that the person can decide for himself.

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Currently, more than 456.000 Asturians have a dose of prophylaxis while the number of immunized amounts to something more than 255.000.


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