Astronomers Find Jupiter-sized Super Hot Planet

MY KENDAL – Read on astronomer find planet super hot life-size Jupiter and upon closer inspection it turns out that there is iron in the atmosphere.

As reported by Kendalku from the Daily Mail, planet it is named TOI-1518b because planet it orbits the star TOI-1518.

The planet was discovered with NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) while observing the star TOI-1518.

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Researchers from Yale University said planet it has a radius of about 1.875 Jupiter and its mass is only twice as much Jupiter.

“Encouraged by the latest atomic detection and ionized by Jupiter super hot, we performed a cross-correlation analysis with the atmosphere”. said the researcher.

“We found neutral iron, added another object to a small sample of planet irradiated gas giant by using iron detection into its transmission”. Add researcher.

In addition to having iron in its atmosphere, TOI-1518b which super hot has an equilibrium temperature of 2492 degrees kelvin and during the day the temperature can reach 2137 degrees kelvin.

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