Home health “Aston Martin has signed a contract with Vettel to help Stroll,” said former F1 team representative[F1-Gate.com].

“Aston Martin has signed a contract with Vettel to help Stroll,” said former F1 team representative[F1-Gate.com].

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Two faces familiar with the F1 paddock question the motive behind Aston Martin F1’s contract with Sebastian Vettel.

Lawrence Stroll’s Aston Martin F1 has driven Sergio Perez out and signed to 33-year-old Sebastian Vettel, despite poor performance in his final season at Ferrari.

Former HRT boss Colin Kolles, who previously had a close relationship with Mercedes F1 team leader Toto Wolff, warns that the “combination of Stroll and Wolff” is “extremely dangerous” for Sebastian Vettel.

“Many factors play a role in the background,” said Colin Kolles. Kolner Express Told to.

Colin Kolles. Toto Wolff says he is a shareholder of Aston Martin and has played an important role in concluding the contract between Sebastian Vettel and Aston Martin F1.

“Vettel was hired only as a companion to Lance Stroll. (Lawrence) Stroll wants his son to be the World Champion.”

Former F1 driver David Coulthard also seems to agree.

“Maybe a new brand, Lance Stroll, is trying to build, not Aston Martin,” said David Coulthard.

“If he beats Vettel, it justifies him being called the future world champion.”

Some of F1 remember Sebastian Vettel’s dozens of Red Bull wins and four F1 World Champions, wondering how long Vettel can continue in F1 in his current state. ..

“The disappointment of staying in 13th place in F1 is tough for a racing driver like him,” said Hubert Haupt, who will lead his team in the DTM series this year. f1-insider.com Told to.

“At some point he needs to decide whether to continue in the midfield or enter the DTM.”

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For now, Sebastian Vettel wants to see if his situation in F1 improves.

It seems that he intends to watch whether it will be done.

“Of course I wanted to spend more time testing to adapt, but that’s not possible in our sport,” Sebastian Vettel said. RTBF Told to.

“It’s hard to change teams. I feel I have to wait for things to go well. I have to combine all the puzzle pieces.”

“In my opinion, it’s getting pretty good in a few races.”

Sebastian Vettel recognizes that the media has made a lot of criticism of himself.

When asked what he thought of the criticism, Sebastian Vettel replied, “Sometimes it’s right, but sometimes it’s not.”

“But honestly, it doesn’t matter to me what outsiders think. What I’m hoping for is a sincere opinion from the team, and if it’s a criticism. I just accept it and do my best to change it. ”

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