assembly of the Chinese space station Tiangong directly into orbit

assembly of the Chinese space station Tiangong directly into orbit

The Australian company HEO Robotics has published an interesting video shot by a satellite directly from space. It visually demonstrates how China has built its modular space station Tiangong (Tiangong, Heavenly Palace).

3D image of Tiangong with the Earth in the background. Illustration: Getty Images / Space

HEO Robotics specializes in off-Earth imaging, using spacecraft cameras and sensors to image objects in orbit, such as satellites. On August 30, the company released a video demonstrating some of these features. Footage shot directly in space was combined into one video showing step by step the completion of the construction of the Tiangong space station, consisting of three modules.

The company said:

Using our off-Earth imaging capabilities, we have seen history unfold over the course of 18 months. Every stage you see has been confirmed by a photo taken from another satellite in space.

A short video shows how the main module of the Tianhe space station (Tianhe), launched on April 29, 2021, is first visited by cargo ships Tianzhou (Tianzhou) and the crewed spacecraft Shenzhou (Shenzhou), and then two experimental modules, Wentian ( Wentian) and Mengtian (Mengtian), which move, forming a T-shape.

Currently, the Shenzhou-17 crew of three lives at Tiangong Station. China intends to keep the station for at least ten years, allowing for potential commercial use.

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