ASML is technically more interesting than TomTom

ASML is technically more interesting than TomTom

ASML is technically more interesting than TomTom. This is what technical analyst Nico Bakker on behalf of BNP Paribas says in front of the camera to ABM Financial News. There is still work to be done for the bulls at Sligro.

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ASML has been experiencing a process of higher tops and higher bottoms for weeks now. With the quarterly figures ahead, Bakker thinks that the ‘bulls’ will have more room to boost the price to 700 euros and then to 764 euros “and even more than 800 above that”. Below 640 euros, the investor must fear a correction to 558 euros.

Sligro has a similar story, but with a different configuration, according to Bakker. The support is at 15 euros and the resistance at 16.50 to just under 17 euros. “The bulls have to break through this and until then it’s muddling through.” But after a breakthrough, according to the analyst, there is a lot of potential, up to 25 euros.

According to Bakker, TomTom shows a completely different picture, “with an extremely erratic course” without a clear direction. “Not an interesting chart for trend-following investors.”

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