Ask me anything – Grace Randolph, Beyond The Trailer 2022

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  1. New York and London. Wow. Why not set characters in say Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Mexico City, different US cities that don't receive as much spotlight, or somewhere else in the world that doesn't either?

  2. Cynthia Erivo's films failed because they weren't very good. Who is behind her? She gets lead roles like Harriet Tubman without auditioning and she's constantly shoved down our throats as being this massive talent. Yes, she can sing, but her acting is very so so, and she will never garner mainstream Black American appeal even if she walked back the anti-Black Americanism, because she's not attractive to us. There is a limited audience for a leading lady with a shaved head and a ring in her nose, Black or white. Erivo just doesn't live up to the hype.

  3. The leader of the Flag Smashers, in Falcon/WS…I run into this a lot with actors with deep accents 🙂. It's like they don't realize they have an accent, and they forget to speak clearly and not too fast! Idris Elba amazingly ditches the accent completely. Chose not to do it in Suicide Squad though.

    The Flag Smasher chick has this UK/Scottish thing going on. I'm okay with it most of the time, but she'll fire off an important line, with the accent, strange pronunciations and chopped up wording, and you're like what did she say 🙂?

    I've got a "7 second delay" in my brain, where I realized what she said a couple seconds later 🙂. Or I rewind it. In a movie theater, you don't have the luxury of a rewind button, to decipher chopped up English 🙂!

  4. Please watch kashmir files and review it 🙏🏻 it's our holocaust film…please spread the word..even your senators have watched it, Rhode Island state recognized kashmir pundit genocide because of it.. and just study its growth in india its EXPONENTIAL with NO FORMAL PROMOTION OR ADS JUST WORD OF MOUTH.

  5. For the great movie ride, Disney can’t show films it doesn’t have the rights to. It’s hard to celebrate all of Hollywood when a company can get sued for using films it doesn’t own outright.

  6. Wow 😮…the bloody shield bashing at the end of Falcon/WS ep 4 was a bit violent for D+ 🙂.

    …the first episode that blew, ep 5 🙂😴…way too dialogue/drama based. Next is the finale, so I'm assuming episode 5 was the only stinker. Nice after credits though.

  7. I’ve been meaning to bring this up. Grace sometimes I think you put too much stock in the actors or actresses that are in the movie. you don’t need be a big name for movies do good. in fact most people do not go to a movie specifically because of an actor. They’ll go because of the type of movie it is first and then if they happen to have an actor or actress they like that’s icing on the cake. but the movie and the story comes first. name any actor you want I guarantee you they’ve had a movie flop. no matter how big they are so aint anybody worried about what Cynthia said. The percentage of Black people that would go see wicked as a movie or even as a play is relatively small within our community anyway so that’s not gonna have any effect on how good that movie does or does not do

  8. I feel really bad for Rachel Zegler. She's still super young and it's unfair for her to be judged for how she "reacts" to things like Ansel's sexual assaults and not going to the Oscars. A lot of people failed her and are judging her unfairly.

  9. Yea look having regrets about sleeping with someone you wish you hadn’t isnt assault or harassment. So if this virtue signal is why they didn’t give this actress an invite its just more proof of Hollywood phoniness. Geesh if they feel that way give her a ticket and not her bf?

    Jesus I hate that town

  10. This might be the first time I don’t know any of those best picture nominees. Power of the Dog, Coda, and Belfast? I mean I’m sure they are good but this is why I stopped caring about these awards. The movies they pick are such a niche market

  11. I’d ask why are you such a liberal turd 💩? You’re comments on Kyle Rittenhouse showed what a fool you are. Drink the Koolaid

  12. I’m not a member, but really wanted to ask your thoughts. I LOVED raised by wolves S2, and I think Selina Jones (who plays grandmother) is most definitely my choice for Storm now.

  13. Grace, your watch alongs are so much fun. I almost don’t wanna watch movies at home anymore without your commentary 😂 thank you for such a fun channel!! Please make more watch alongs!!

  14. The Marvel D+ shows, I don't want nothing DIFFERENT 😂. No thank you! The first half of WandaVision was different! Loki conversating at a table was different!

    Falcon/WS is punches, kicks, missiles, bullets, it's a superhero show 😂! What If was laser beams, mutants, monsters 😂!

  15. I wish I could be excited for season 4 for Strange Things but I'm just not. The show hasn't been good since season one.

    Speaking of streaming shows… I watched a Spanish horror series recently called Feria. Pretty good. Now I'm watching a polish horror series called Cracow Monsters.

    Not bad so far.
    Great creature designs. Netflix is absolutely killing it with their foreign orginals…

  16. I wish Grace would host her own personal award show every year, then she can give us HER choice for best picture, best score, etc. I'd watch that. Who cares about the Oscars?

  17. The problem with raised by wolves isn't that you can't figure out what they were trying to accomplish Gracie, it's that even the people writing the show have talked about the fact that they're not sure what they're trying to accomplish.

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