// Just ask contacted and said, “Do you want to make us a video to help us relaunch the design of our new application?” And we were like, “LOL, we’ll see what you did there! You asked a question! Like you do in your app!” And then they were like, “Umm, are you interested?” And then we were like, “Oh, yes, sorry. Absolutely.” And then we made them that video. CREDITS: Client: Agency: Giant Ant Director: Giant Ant Producer: Liam Hogan Creative director: Jay Grandin Screenwriter: Liam Hogan & Cory Philpott Art Direction and illustration: Jay Quercia Color and additional illustration: Rafael Mayedo Animation: Jorge R and composition: Jorge R Canedo, Matt James, Nicholas Ferreira, Jay Grandin Cel Animation: Henrique Barone, Matthew Everton 3D Animation: Nicholas Ferreira, Jorge R Canedo Music: Mark Lazeski

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