Ashleigh Barty ahead of Serena in advertising in Australia, behind Federer

World No. 1 Ashleigh Barty competed at the 2021 Australian Open, but fell short and retired in the quarterfinal stage. She lost to Karolina Muchova after winning the first set, but failed in the next two sets.

In the previous season, the Australian player reached the semi-final of her home Grand Slam. Although Ashleigh Barty has not been very successful in Australia, she has surpassed players such as Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams as a marketable force in the region.

Being ahead of two of the game’s legends clearly indicates their level of popularity in the country. The world No. 1 is behind Roger Federer when it comes to marketability. But in the future, he could also surpass the Swiss superstar.

It’s commendable that a 24-year-old is ahead of the game’s veterans.

The Gemba Group has measured the ratings and popularity of these athletes with the Australian public and Managing Director Andrew Condon said: “I think he will eventually surpass Federer whether he wins the Open or not.

When you look behind the numbers, his sympathy is higher than Federer’s, it’s just his conscience that needs to grow. “Condon feels that Barty should get more publicity through his interviews on the court.

The more she talks about herself in front of the public eye, the better it will be for her in the long run. Condon further added: “More exposure over time on on-court television, but also through other media engagements and sponsor engagements will only put her in front of a wider audience more often, which will see her push. that sympathy metric.

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She is probably going to have a hard time being more liked, probably trying to broaden her appeal. “Although Ashleigh’s season at the Australian Open ended in despair, she will compete at the Adelaide International. She will play Danielle Collins in the round of 16 matches. .

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