Aruba recommends industrial plants use AIOps to integrate IT and OT into one

The era after the covid epidemic industrial plant must transform itself into the digital economy path to keep up with or be ahead of competitors around the world. By taking advantage of the right tools and solutions to expedite problems of critical operations 4 These are: 1.Employee safety (Safety) 2.Resistant to harsh factory environments (Harsh Environment) 3.Maintaining system security (Security) and 4. Increase the reliability of the system that it can work continuously in all situations. (Reliability) both information technology systems (IT) and operational technology systems (OT) with the highest efficiency continuously

Aruba Recommend guidelines that organizations can deal with these problems. by using a solution containing AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations) This will play an important role in bringing the capabilities of artificial intelligence technology. (AI) come helpin supervision and analysis Automatically adjust the network ready to help integrate the work between IT and OT by Aruba Offers the following solutions

1: Always safety first

After the coronavirus pandemic began to fade away industrial plant Want to return to work at full efficiency like before the epidemic and be able to produce stable as before But keeping the working environment safe if the epidemic returns is still a concern for factories. from the study of McKinsey The vast majority of Asian manufacturing companies indicated that basic safety measures such as safe distancing were still a top priority. want employees to go backWork at the same distance as before the plague.

There is no need to choose between employee safety and productivity. These two things should go hand in hand. Factories can do this by making sure that everywhere in the industrial area The network signal is well connected and all employees have the appropriately connected work equipment. solution use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth of Aruba make it possible to follow uptools and equipment including tracking and contacting all employees in the factory at all times Aruba All bandwidth usage data can be consolidated and analyzed on the production floor. This makes it possible to provide solutions that serve spaces of various sizes. necessary and suitable for various companies To get back to work safely without sacrificing performance

2: smart terminal (Intelligent Edge) that canWork in harsh environments

Some factory production areas have harsh environmental conditions. with high temperature flammable vapors and high dust concentration These variables may be out of control, but in the long run, companies need to protect the operational health of their equipment locally from these environmental factors. These are costly. Considering the cost of the equipment and the unnecessary downtime for repairs

Therefore, it is good that infrastructure damage can be easily prevented by using smart endpoints. (Intelligent Edge) suitable such as equipment Access Points (APs) of Aruba In models suitable for outdoor connections and where high durability features are required. Developed with the aim of surviving in the harshest environments. APs this version of Aruba Able to withstand exposure to high and extreme temperatures withstands wind speeds up to 165 miles per hour andAreas that are constantly exposed to humidity, rain, dust and salt spray for a long period of time. Aruba CX4100i Switch Series atHigh durability also allows it to connect to IT systems, technology systemOperational (OT) and equipment IoT highly efficient evenin an area with severe temperature fluctuations

3: Always check and control from a distance.

Harsh environments pose a risk not only to equipment and infrastructure systems. but also to employees who perform regular inspections and maintenance. A recent report by the International Labor Organization found thatExposure to dust, gas and fumes from work is the second leading cause of occupational deaths worldwide. due to industrial environment material production and processing May result in employees at risk of explosion. strong magnetic field and noise levels that may make the operator deaf

to avoid direct employees in hazardous areas But it can still operate as before. Companies can use remote monitoring and maintenance through virtual simulators. (AR / VR) While these solutions make the network work harder, the technology AppRF that has been patented Aruba It can prioritize the traffic on the application. AR / VR these can be automatically with intelligent artificial intelligence bandwidth resource allocation process

4: system security (Security) is still of utmost importance.

during 2-3 Last year, it was found that the equipment IoT widely used in all industries bywithin the production area 91% of companies in the Asia-Pacific regionExperiencing the growing number of IoT devices quickly, while most manufacturers use IoT Let’s improve the machine to become an automation system. to help increase production efficiency which affects the security of the system, which is an important problem by 27 percentage of these companies Concerned about the security risks associated with deploying IoT devices used and it is an important weakness that makes some factories dare not take risks

while IoT Still taking root Predictive Security Measures (Predictive Security Posture) will become an important tool IT teams need to install tools to collect data for analysis and forecasting. to prevent unwanted events from happening This is why solutions like Aruba Central and Aruba ClearPass Device Insight all have AIops with artificial intelligence features (AI) and machine learning capabilities (Machine Learning) Because these solutions not only need to be predictable in both closed-loop control systems, (Closed Loop) and model system end-to-end Not only that, but it can also help ensure device security. IoT They can be proactive as well.

operational technology system (OT) It’s not a weak point anymore.

operational technology system (Operational Technology: OT) It is the hardware and software used in industrial control systems, which countsIt is the core system that works behind industrial processes. It was originally separate from the IT network. (IT) to prevent external attacks and must work all the time It offers flexibility, high durability, and reliability for optimal performance. However, faults from device failures and unreliable network connections including maintenance and interruption of unplanned work All of them impede productivity and increase costs. the truth is If able to proactively perform maintenance The cost may be reduced by up to 40 percent

to ensure the operation of OT still reliable Aruba and ABB It has helped companies migrate older systems that often have unplanned outages for frequent repairs to systems with predictive maintenance tools. (Predictive Maintenance Tools) This allows for comprehensive visibility into the performance of all devices and machines. Support high availability and provide the highest return on investment, for example Smart Sensor of ABB It uses advanced algorithms to notify engineers of abnormal conditions before equipment fails. Aruba UXI (User Experience Insight) and system Mobile Computer of Zebra (such as TC5x/TC7x) Performance data can also be taken at the application level down to the device level at the endpoint. (Edge) for IT teams to analyze and take preventative actions before problems arise.

These solutions help companies Machine repairs can be carried out before the work process is disrupted and affected. Reduces downtime from unplanned work increase the efficiency of equipment and machinery and help optimize the work schedule of field engineers. All of which will ultimately increase profits.

Industrial plants should include IT and OT to be one as well AIops

Businesses and manufacturers are facing challenges along the way. 24 last month and start reaping the benefits of the technology they use.A survey of manufacturers around the world over 400 ofRecently, almost all respondents identified Industry 4.0. has helped their operations continue during the crisis. And more than half said the digital transformation they were implementing was It is vital to successfully cope with the coronavirus pandemic.

In this new era of work and business There is a need for the manufacturing industry to restructure, rethink, and set guidelines for new technologies. to achieve goals and drive business efficiency and results bringing solutions of Aruba having AIOps It is a key element for use in industrial plants and is extremely important in helping companies can connect to the network IT and OT one’s own Help employees work safely. The system continues to operate even in harsh environments. Able to supervise devices remotely and have a stable and secure system with production efficiency back to the same or higher again

For those who want to keep up with the advancements in network technology and solution developments. Aruba can follow the opinions of experts in Aruba Blog at

articleby Kwong Hui Tan, DirectorleadRegional Director, southeast asia, Taiwan and Hong Kong/Macau of Aruba Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company


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