Artist René Mäkelä pays tribute to rapper Tupac Shakur

The work Renaissance is the one chosen by the artist to put on sale in Opensea, it is a tribute to the rapper 2Pac on the 25th anniversary of his assassination. The Mallorcan artist completed the physical work on June 16, 2018 and a little later was auctioned at the UN headquarters in New York to collaborate with the Scholas Ocurrentes Foundation founded by Pope Francis and in which personalities such as Leo Messi or U2 Bonus.

René, who presents the rapper with the appearance of an angel in his work, as a reference to his song Only God can Judge Me explains that “the objective of this work is to create a contrast between the icons of popular culture (2Pac and the crown of Basquiat) and the Baroque and Renaissance styles, in addition to paying homage to the old European masters such as Velázquez, Caravaggio, Rembrant or Rubens”.

Now this first NFT of the work, minted on September 6, 2021, will go up for auction on September 13 with an initial price of 2eth (22h UTC).

René has had the technological support of Universal, a tokenized platform dedicated to the development of artistic projects on the blockchain. A 3D gallery to present the work, where the last hours before the shots that the rapper received on September 6 are represented.

Have a Mäkelä, the new object of desire of the famous

The artist René Mäkelä always painted, but he did not always dedicate himself to it 100%. His professional career has been linked to television for many years, where he worked as a scriptwriter on different late nights such as Good source O Night Ache. One day everything changed when one of his works began to go viral through Instagram and arrived, through Andreu Buenafuente, in the eyes of Jorge Lorenzo. The pilot was one of the first to expressly request several paintings from him. Later, stars of the NFL, the NBA or baseball would arrive as Manny Machado, Cam Newton, Austin Rivers o Matt Kemp. In the middle of that path to global recognition, the iconic actress and model appeared. Cara delevingne, captivated by the portrait that the artist made of her, in which she combined her facet as an angel with that of a demon on the same canvas. While that was happening, Madonna expressly asked the painter to be in charge of making the mural for the Raising Malawi Foundation, promoted by the singer to offer help to the children who need it most. René was there putting his imagination at the service of solidarity, an aspect of this, that of supporting noble causes, which has been valued even by Pope Francis, who received the Mallorcan artist in a private audience to appreciate his work and recognize his work. The French forward of FC Barcelona, ​​Antoine Griezmann, has been the last to join the list of high-level athletes and celebrities who have decided to request René a ‘Mäkelä’, a type of work that quickly passed from Instagram to the living room of the celebrities in a few years.


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