Artem Dziuba did not expect his video to scatter so quickly through MegaFon

Artem Dziuba did not expect his video to scatter so quickly through MegaFon

« Megaphone “released the third video from the new creative frame, in which brand ambassador Azamat Musagaliev tells stories about his star friends and the high quality of MegaFon’s communications. This time the hero of the campaign was the footballer Artem Dziuba. The athlete sent the wrong video, which went viral faster than he expected. “Everything flies with MegaFon!” Musagaliev answers him.

In 2023, mobile Internet from MegaFon was recognized the fastest according to the international company Ookla.

Artem Dziuba, football player:

I was offered to appear in an advertisement for MegaFon, they showed me the script. Funny! Agreed immediately! And if we laugh at ourselves, then only with such a team of professionals.

In addition to TV, the campaign will be supported in other channels – indoor, OOH, banners and a special digital project.

The composition of the creative team

MegaFon (Client)

Brand and Marketing Communications Director: Tatyana Gura
Head of Integrated Communications: Yulia Volchenok
Senior Brand Manager for Integrated Communications: Zoya Prokhorova
Integrated Communications Brand Manager: Yulia Bahrakh
Senior Producer: Alexandra Potapova
Junior Producer: Elena Igoshina

Instinct (Creative agency)

Hoodyakov Production

Stage director: Zaur Zaseev
Director of Photography: Anton Zenkovich, Yuri Danilov
1st AD: Darya Eliseeva
Producer: Hanna Malysheva
Head of production: Vitaly Orel
Post-production producer: Anastasia Klycheva, Ivan Khudoliy
Graphics and VFX: HoodyFX

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