Arsenal was effective against Tigre and achieved its second victory

El Matador had situations and could not break the zero. Arse hit a counterattack with Luis Leal and then produced a great goal that Tiago Banega finished for a valuable 2-0.

And Arsenal begins to dream of permanence. As soon as the season started, I knew it was complicated. But little by little, it begins to add up and, on top of that, it does so with victories against teams that fought for the top positions. This time, his victim was Tigre, who still hasn’t raised his head.

The Matador is having a hard time specifying what he generates. He added his third loss in a row and the biggest concern is that he did not have any goal in favor. One of those reasons could be the wet gunpowder of Mateo Retegui, who will go to play with the Italian National Team on the FIFA date. Although, defensive errors also complicate it.

The first half ended goalless due to the simple fact of the lack of aim on both sides. Victoria’s team had more situations, but few went to the goal and Alejandro Medina was standing there well. On the other fence, the clearest chances were produced by bad starts from the bottom that Arse could not take advantage of.

However, in the second half he took advantage of a “gift”. It was a free kick near Tigre’s area and the ball ended up inside Gonzalo Marinelli’s goal. Arsenal’s defense cleared, Luis Leal played for Lautaro Guzmán who managed the three-on-one counterattack, released it at the right moment for the striker who overcame the goalkeeper’s resistance and opened the scoring.

It was the breaking point. The Matador got desperate and stopped having fluidity. While the local flourished. He moved the ball with precision and ended up scoring a great goal with a great collective move that had circulation, first-class touches, a spout, Facundo Pons brought it down and Tiago Banega nailed it next to a stick with an excellent volley.

Arsenal closed all the roads and ended up staying with three important points to add their second victory in the Professional League in the fight to maintain the category. Tigre cannot get out of the bad moment he is going through.


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