Arsenal update brings a new character and weapon to meet your creator Playtest closed

Meet Your Maker developer Behavior Interactive released the Arsenal Update on Tuesday, adding a new Guard, a new weapon, and the Castle Siege Deco Pack.

The plasma arc.
The plasma arc. / Interactive Behavior

The new Guard, the Cannonback, wields a unique weapon called the Plasmabow. The Cannonback is featured as the highest ranged Guard in the game, and is capable of bombarding enemies with a barrage of bombs. His Plasmabow fires quickly and has a sizable ammo capacity to allow for suppressive fire.

Elements of the Siego Deco Castle Pack.
Elements of the Siego Deco Castle Pack. / Interactive Behavior

The Castle Siege Deco Pack gives the game a decidedly medieval aesthetic, using bricks and wooden blocks, props, and decals that players can use to build the environments of their choice.

“At its core, Meet Your Maker is built around user-generated content and player interactions,” creative director Ash Pannell said in a press release. “We want Builders and Raiders to have as much fun, no matter what role they choose to play. Players will be forced to continually refine their strategies as they see the addition of unique Castle Siege characters, weapons and skin packs, ensuring high replay value.”

Players who wish to join the Closed Playtest can sign up at the Website Meet Your Creator.


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