Arsenal player refuses to be vaccinated and tests positive for COVID-19

It is well known that in the world there are many people who do not trust the anticovid vaccines and the first player of the Premier League who refused to be immunized against the virus. Is about Granit Xhaka, who recently positive god.

The Swiss Soccer Federation confirmed that the midfielder of the Arsenal rejected the possibility of receiving the drug against coronavirus, a situation that arises after the doubts it generated in Europe after testing positive for the disease and losing the game before Greece.

Granit Xhaka he was not vaccinated. Is a player who is not vaccinated. We leave this up to each player, it is a personal decision of each player, just like anyone else in Switzerland. We have issued a recommendation for everyone to get vaccinated. But he decided for himself personally. And you also have the right not to be vaccinated, “said the communications chief of Switzerland, Adrian Arnold.

He also confirmed that the other players They are protected against COVID-19, either because of the vaccine or because they have recovered from the virus and have antibodies in their system and regretted that Jaca is dealing with the disease.

“All the other players on the team have been vaccinated or have recovered (from Covid), so they are more or less safe, at least since the medical point of view. You are never quite sure. Consequently, we have a rate of vaccination very high.

Now, unfortunately, they caught Granite. From a sporting point of view, it is a shame for us at this very important moment ”, he added.

Granite recently signed a renewal contract for three years to remain in the Premier League, link that next to the English Football League did a study showing that the 30 per cent of players in England have not been vaccinated or plan to do so.


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