ARS Ile-de-France “confident” on compliance with the vaccination obligation

Six days before the vaccine obligation against Covid-19 in hospitals and nursing homes, the director of the regional health agency (ARS) of Ile-de-France, Amélie Verdier, told AFP to be “confident in the dynamics of vaccination»Of the employees concerned.

In Ile-de-France establishments, vaccination coverage is “close to 90%“, A proportion undoubtedly”under estimated“According to Amélie Verdier, who says to herself”confident in the dynamics”Triggered by the ultimatum set in mid-July by Emmanuel Macron. “There is no site where we see a rejection that would lead to a very high rate of unvaccinated», She assures. However the ARS Ile-de-France began to “identify establishments where there might be difficulties in order to be able to help them“, Mobilizing if necessary”reinforcements».

“No question of tolerance”

«We can’t let patients have doubts“On the continuity of care, she explains, even if the risk is limited because”the questions of opening beds depend on the caregivers, who would rather be more vaccinated»Than other categories of personnel, according to feedback from the field. Under these conditions, it is not “no question of tolerance or accommodation” on this “obligation that we intend to ensure fully respectedShe warns. “We won’t tremble if there are suspensions to sayShe insists, hoping that “those who still hesitate will be convinced by the firmness displayed».

As for the liberal health professionals under agreement, already vaccinated at more than 93% in the region, Amélie Verdier has also shown “very confident»Regarding compliance with the vaccination obligation. Concerning the rest of the population, the vaccination campaign “is in a slowing down phase” after “the success of the mass phase“, And it is now necessary”fetch smaller segmentsIn all age groups, she observed.

Injection capacities, reduced by 20% this summer, will however remain at the same level in Ile-de-France “at least until the end of September“, Before a new”adaptation»In conjunction with local communities.


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