Arrested ‘Dabchai’, the leader of the Um Reed gang. after holding a girl in a cage Another victim emerges. Car was taken to an accident

Arrested ‘Dabchai’, the leader of the gang carrying money. after holding a girl in a cage Another victim showed up, being called 2 hundred thousand to 50,000, plus the car was taken to the latest incident.

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On September 4, 1964, from the case of a group of culprits claiming to be police officers, they held two girls in cages and released Phibul dogs to guard. then threaten to extort money before being released causing the victim to travel to file a complaint Before the police issued arrest warrants for 5 suspects and pressurized until all the suspects were detained, including Mr. Pakorn Kreati Saengpraewpraw, 28, Mr. Santi Chanthong, 37, Mr. Sukjai Horthongkham, 34, a former Navy officer. Nattapon Treesuwan, 41, and Sompong Koyangpuek, 41, who police are investigating to expand on other participants in the movement.

At the same time, there is a 29-year-old Ms. Muay, another victim of a phony police gang. has revealed that He and Fanfan were carried by the gang to extort money 2 months ago. Which has a policeman’s sword as the head, demands up to 2 hundred thousand baht, before negotiating to 50,000 baht, but he can only find 20,000 baht in cash sign consent The car that he pledged was a bronze Nissan Navara pickup, registration number Por 5908 Chonburi, which was the car that the gang used to commit the latest crime.

The latest progress at 3 p.m. Pol. Col. Thanawut Chongjira, Deputy Commissioner of Chonburi Provincial Police. acting Superintendent of Pattaya City Police Station Pol Col Chiddecha Songhong, Superintendent of Nong Prue Police Station Probation Officer 2, Chonburi Province investigative team Join the arrest of Mr. Bes, 35 years old, one of the suspects. Before detention, they came to search at house number 99/588, Eakmongkol Village 4 (upper zone), Village No. 10, Nong Prue Subdistrict, Bang Lamung District, Chonburi Province to identify the crime scene. and collecting evidence litigation

Then, Col. Thanawut The officers were brought to arrest Dabchai, the person whose victims testified. is the head of this process. At the parking lot in a condo in Naklua area, Bang Lamung District, Chonburi Province, before being taken up to search the room at Building B, 7th floor, room 723 and taken to the police station. Bang Lamung ready to seize the car. 2 private cars, however, if there are victims who have been attacked by the gang Able to travel to file a complaint with the police in the police station at the scene to prosecute all the perpetrators as well

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