Around 1,500 corona cases in schools in Rhineland-Palatinate

For a week, classes in Rhineland-Palatinate have been running again after the summer vacation – under Corona conditions. There are currently around 1,500 cases of infection in schools across the country.

According to the Supervision and Service Directorate (ADD), 1,454 schoolchildren and 42 teachers are currently infected. The numbers are from last Friday (September 3rd). According to this, 601 schools in the country are affected. According to ADD, however, the data will only be collected after the start of the school year. Around two thirds of the schools have so far submitted such reports.

According to ADD, there were 101 corona cases in schools on the last day of school before the summer holidays. 3,352 students and 52 teachers are (as of 3.9.) In quarantine, are considered a suspected case. The number of reported infections in relation to the number of schoolchildren is currently the highest nationwide in Koblenz with 82 cases. The ADD does not provide information on individual schools.

The Ministry of Education informed the SWR that after the start of the school year there was no other population group of comparable size in Rhineland-Palatinate that would be tested as closely and regularly as the more than 520,000 schoolchildren. This of course has an impact on the incidence values ​​of the under-18-year-olds.

Changes to the hygiene concept?

On Tuesday, Education Minister Stefanie Hubig and Health Minister Clemens Hoch (both SPD) want to comment on what changes there may be in hygiene concepts. The mask requirement for schoolchildren currently only applies to the first two weeks of school after the summer holidays. Until the autumn break, pupils and teachers who can be proven to have not been vaccinated must also take two tests per week.

Nationwide uniform quarantine rules?

Schools are now running again in most federal states – however, there are no nationwide regulations on the quarantine of students in whose classes Corona cases have occurred. The health ministers of the federal states want to discuss this today. It is about “rules that are as uniform as possible,” said the chairman of the conference of health ministers, Klaus Holetschek (CSU) from Bavaria.

Uniform rules for schoolchildren are required

In some cases, only the people sitting next to you are already being quarantined. Many students have not yet been vaccinated because there are currently no vaccines that are officially approved for children under the age of twelve. Recently, the number of infections had risen sharply, especially in younger age groups.



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